Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Not-So-Difficult Second Album


Greetings, Pop Pickers! Flushed with the worldwide success of their first album Ice & A Slice (download it here), and the hit single Hocus Pocus (here) G&T is going wild in the country and has lately been holed up in Flabbey Road recording a second album.

For most groups the second album is notoriously difficult: the first album is usually made of songs honed over years, so the second has to be cobbled together from barrel-scrapings and left-overs, or written in a hurry. Not so G&T -- Adrian and Henry have been enjoying a songwriting hot streak and there's already a bulging catalog of tunes to choose from. 'At the last count there were twenty possible tracks in the songbook,' says Gee. 'I think it must be the drugs', he says. 'I've just turned 60 and they give them to you for free'. 

IMG_5087 The band is taking a short summer break before another heads-down no-nonsense bout of recording later in the year, so while they do that, here, just for you, music fans, is a taster of things to come. This three track selection comprises mini-prog epic Echoes of Mountain Ash, full-blooded rocker Tropic of Scorchio and the more pop-tastic Sunrise.

All three feature Adrian Thomas on guitar, extra guitar, more guitar, additional guitar, further guitar, with a side order of guitar and guitar for dessert. Gee does what he refers to enigmatically as 'other stuff', though he does admit to a squirt of acoustic guitar in Sunrise. What all three tracks have in common is a complete absence of vocals. 'After Hocus Pocus I felt that the world could be spared any more of my yodeling' says Gee. And none of the songs are about anything. 'This is all just for enjoyment', he says. 'As Thomas Beecham said of the English, we like music mostly for the noise it makes'. And, yes, it is noisy. It's remarkable how much racket G&T makes, considering there's just the two of them. Not 'arf!

Saturday, May 14, 2022

G&T's New Single - Available Now


Hocus Pocus is the new single from G&T - out nowHocus Pocus is the first G&T song that's not an original. It's a cover of a tune by the Dutch prog band Focus ... though G&T has taken the inspired lunacy of the original and taken it to another level.