Sunday, December 17, 2023

Shaken & Stirred - OUT NOW

SHAKEN & STIRRED is the long awaited second album from G&T. It's out now to stream on Soundcloud (listen to it here) as well as Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify. The album consists of eleven tracks -- just over an hour -- of instrumental rock, ranging from straight-up hard rock (Tropic of Scorchio) to prog (For Emma) to blues (Dead Tree Blues, Sundown) to a bizarre fusion of Bulgarian folk music and southern fried boogie (Seven O'Clock Rock). All the songs are original compositions by G&T except two. The Purfleet Strangler is an instrumental version of Deep Purple's 1984 track Perfect Strangers, with a few quotes from a well-known classical tune: album opener If Only was a group composition by Itchy Fingers, a band that the members of G&T were in in the 1990s. There'll be a CD version of the album you can get for free by dropping us a line. If you want, we can send you a CD of the first G&T album ICE & A SLICE too. Just say. The CD of SHAKEN & STIRRED will feature a bonus track -- the cover of HOCUS POCUS that G&T previously released as an online single.

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